Y254 Morning Show Ditch Reggea Show For a Hip Hop Show

Raphael Njogu kevote 2 days 9 months 0 years Ago

Y254 TV is one of the media stations that are state owned it targets the youth Demography and its programming been a entertainment Hub with majority of its shows been Musical content shows including its morning show that plays and interviews music artists

It has been a well sort after show in promoting upcoming talents and has on various days of the week hosted talents based on their talent Genres diversity eg Genge,Bongo,Dancehall/Reggea,Dance Groups etc but has not recognised Hip-Hop. Well now this has seemed to change when last Thursday 17th January 2019 the Morning show changed its day theme from Reggea Thursday to Hip-Hop Thursday that marked the premier of the hip-hop show this is good news to the hiphop community following complains from the players of lack of media support we hope the show will give the numerous talents a chance to be on the show.

Check #yinthemorning on every Thursday for more Details and caught up with the new Hip-Hop Show