Ukoo Flani New Album Coming Soon

Raphael Njogu kevote 6 days 8 months 0 years Ago

If you remember shaking you head as you jam to this song (listen above)then I have great news for you coz your legendary Kenyan Swahili Hip-Hop group Ukoo Flani might be Quenching your hip-hop halisi thirst soon this year info from relayable sources have reveled that the crew is coming together once again after years of separation and of music hits drought to drop a new album soon

The crew has been holding several meetings with some of its member and just recently (last week) the crew was on a musical come together Retreate in Naivasha where they are seen on photos posted on social media having fun as a group but the most notable unusual part is photos taken of the crew seeming busy composing music

In attendance were some of the groups members namely Sharama, G.Rongi Labalaa, Agano, Zakah, Roba, Kshaka, Guru Gang and more

we hope whats cooking is a full tasty meal of the groups rap talent questions thou are if they will stick to the hardcore style of rap or will revive them selves in a new skull rap style that have taken over the music industy in Kenya and worldwide, which ever the case the group coming together is great news to their fans and the Kenyan hip-hop music fans at large.