Like good wine, the Kenyan entertainment scene keeps getting better with age, spawning a host of new talent, creatives and a breed of new experts. There is no doubt the industry has seen phenomenal growth and gained international traction in the last 20 years. However, a lot of artistes and good music still flies under the radar of most mainstream media. We came up the idea for a TV music show aimed at unearthing the hidden gems of the Kenyan entertainment scene. By giving this upcoming artistes a platform, we will not only introduce fresh players but also provide a new dimension to the industry.

Our Show

PUNCHLYNZ KIBAO ( Sheng for “Numerous punchlines”) is a live music television show on air at ACE TV every Monday to Saturday . The show plays the best of local music scene with special emphasis also laid on emerging talent . Each day of the week will have a different theme to spice up the show while appealing to a wider demographic . The Saturday edition of the show will tour a major university and campuses to give a chance to resident talent to shine . MC Labalaa and DJ Tatuah will host the show.

Our Team

1, CEO:

Kelly Makau (Labalaa)

2, Blogger/Chiefeditor:

Raphael Njogu (Kevote)

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