Octopizzo Denies Murder Accusations of a Strathmore University Student

Raphael Njogu kevote 2 days 9 months 0 years Ago

Rapper Octopizzo accused of killing Strathmore University student at his house The musician is said to have found the student in his house in Woodley .Reports indicate the rapper attacked the 19-year-old with a machete - Octopizzo has since denied the allegations claiming he caused the death of the youngman - The student's family believe Octopizzo is responsible for their son's death Hip Hop rapper Octopizzo has been accused of killing a university student after he found the youngman in his house in Woodley estate, Kibra. Octopizzo, whose real name is Henry Ohanga, is said to have been involved in the murder of the 19-year old University student whom he found in his house in unclear circumstances. Rapper Octopizzo accused of killing Strathmore University student at his house According to KTN, the family of the late Kenneth Abom is certain Octopizzo has a hand in the death of their son who was a student at Strathmore University in Nairobi. The Noma ni rapper is said to have given the student a thorough beating before chasing him to the fourth floor of a building wirlding a machete where the student allegedly jumped to his death as he tried to save his life. The incident is said to have taken place on Thursday, January 17, although the rapper has since denied compelling the boy to jump from the building. Witnesses claim Octopizzo indeed was involved in an altercation with the University student and later on threatened him with a panga. Octopizzo, however, denied killing the young man, although in his statement he did not necessarily deny having an altercation with the deceased. “The neighbour that was there who saw everything took him back and went to their house, then an hour later we heard the boy has jumped,” he told KTN on phone. Interestingly, the deceased was an ardent fan of Octopizzo, hence the unfortunate events leading up to his death remains a mystery..