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This is the tweet that has lead to a massive public out cry for #playkenyanmusic from Kenyans that has in the past week been a trend on all social platforms and formed the bases of mainstream media national debate drawing attention from media personalities, artists, politicians and ordinally kenyans the tweet by a kenyan rapper Nyashiski to veteran media personality Willy M Tuva was as stated below

@mzaziwillytuva mbona hiyo video inaishia hapo? Hakuwa anajua msanii wa Kenya hata mmoja?  kuna utiaji flani hapa. Bado home ni Kenya  boss. Utarudi tu. Shout out to @thenaiboi @sautisol @khaligraph_jones @thekingkaka @octopizzo @otilebrown and all other Kenyan artists who made major moves in 2018. The fans see y’all working. #love..

Various media personalities have come out to defend them selves on the issue with likes of Jalango blaming the kenyan music industy for lack of content while others like Tuva condeming those who think so saying he has done his best to rise Kenyan talents and in the East Africa on his Mseto show.

Whats you opinion on this do you think that the Kenyan media is not supporting its own talents or this no Kenyan talent/content to be supported as they say or its just a selfish out cry by ungrateful kenyans, drop you comments below.