Book Space on Your Online Shop

Raphael Njogu kevote 15 days 8 months 0 years Ago

Punchlynz Kibao Blog online shop is offering you a chance to sell your products to the over 100k social media site audience by posting the items and services on this site for free

How To....

1, Send the chief editor quality photos of your product or a (promo posters)

2, Send Details/Description or terms of sale for the item Eg, Price,Delivery terms etc

3, Send us your active email adress and your active Whatsapp phone number, that starts number like (+254.......) This will be used to create you a custom-made contacts icon that will float on your items page for interested customers/persons to contact you for order placing or enquries Directly to your Whatsapp and Email

4, We will then place your item to the online shop for free and send you a promotion link to your products page that you can share on your social media platforms for people to visit

5, To test how this works click on the floating orange icon on your Right hands side of your screen and choose which media to use ie (Whatsapp or Email) to contact us

6, NOTE we do not sell your product you sell it your selve we just give you a platform to showcase and no sales commission is charged

For Bookings Click on the Floating Orange Icon Button on the right side of your screen and contact the Chief Editor Raphael Njogu Kevote