Raphael Njogu kevote 9 days 9 months 0 years Ago

31st December 2018 Nairobi played host to one of the biggest show in East Africa The Wasafi Festival organised by Tanzanian music lable "The Wasafi Records" founded by Tanzanian Bongo star Diamond the show was a hit with Kenyans turning up in big numbers and showing their love to the Tanzanian stars.The show proved to be a sucess but to many Kenyan music loyalist, it was an eye opener seeing a foreign artist organise his own festival in kenya by him selve and give the top Kenyan artist stage space to "catalyz" on his show while he make the bag and funs light up their iphone cameras to record the rare moment while a foreign artist performs on his own show/festival in a foreign land and becomes a sucess but no Kenyan artist has ever managed such.

Kenyan artist dont take investments risks and have given a deaf ear to the numerous calls for the Kenyan music industry unity and organisment, thats why many big names in the game are pocket empty dispite their fame and big fun base. most artist work by their own with no Managments or even signing to a record lable,his has made their struggle to market them selves all in vain.They only wait for corporate sponsered shows to perform instead of organising their own shows and tours to show case their talent and content as they interact with funs. 31st December is known to be a party night and instead of been in a foreign sponsered show to catalyz the kenyan artist should take advantage of the new year eve party mood and organise a allstars kenyan music mega show to celebrate the year end with our own talents as the superstars.

Promise you me Uhuru park will fill to the brim....